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Our most influencial Albums: Carlo

Music touches all of us at different points of our lives, and often helps shape who we become. Music is culture, it is people, it is emotion; whether we're bawling along to a heart break tune alone or sharing bodily fluids in a mosh pit with hundreds of thousands of festival goers. We had a chat about the albums that were most significant in our lives, or helped shape us as musicians.

Carlo says...
I remember being 13 years old. I didn't really like the music I was hearing in the charts or on my mates stereos. I'd always had long hair and liked dressing in jeans and t-shirts but I'd never heard of heavy metal.....Then, one day I was at a mates house. "Listen to this rubbish" he said, "my step dad brought it home". He pressed play on his stereo cassette player and my life changed.

The cassette was The Number of the Beast album. I didn't think it was rubbish at all, in fact I borrowed it and took it home to listen to the whole album. Now I knew wh…

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